Photo Access Cards

Cards are an optional add on, ideal for larger events where speed is important. Cards can be used to allow a consumer to participate in multiple image capture experiences without entering information each time. All Picture Marketing image capture solutions support Photo Access Cards.

The cards themselves become a branded keepsake and can be integrated with credentials, coupons, tickets, or loyalty cards. Each card contains a unique code that allows the consumer to view just their own photo(s) online.

Our standard cards are the size of a business card in paper or plastic

Cards can be produced as plastic key chain cards with a hole punch

Custom cards can be die-cut, wrist-bands, credentials, booklets, etc.

Sharing Kiosks

Allow guests to pre-register for their photo or instantly view and share their photo, GIF or video. Of course, consumers can also use the information on the card to privately view their image on their own phone or computer.


The Social Sharing Kiosk allows guests to immediately share the photo or video you just captured of them on Facebook or other social networks. After the staff member has taken a photo of the guest with any of our capture options, the guest simply holds their Photo Access Card in front of the screen and can immediately see their photo (after entering any required data collection fields).

Step 1: Pre-register or post-register photo passes

Step 2: Collect just the information you need (from nothing to a full form)

Step 3: If the image has been taken, guests can view, share and print their photo

FotoZap Scanner for iPad

Let us supply a complete hardware setup or run FotoZap Scanner on your own iPad.

Cards are available in a variety of branded formats. Each one containing a unique code.

Booklets and other specialty cards are also available.

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