The 2011 Promo 100

Picture Marketing ranks a cool No. 84 among the “best and brightest agencies in the promotion industry.

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2011 Cannes Winner: VW Fun Theory

Here’s VW’s Titanium-winning experiential campaign. They used a hidden camera to capture people interacting with the world, and with their brand. The results are cool, revealing, and certainly worthy of the Lion.

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Sometimes, our favorite moments are the ones that almost didn't happen. (And maybe the ones that Mom doesn't want to happen again). Go Elliott!

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Best Practice Sponsorship – How to be Extraordinary

The lovely folks over at SponsorPark (Facebook: SponsorPark Group)are our guests this week, with a special post courtesy their very own Emily Taylor. Check out what she has to say about creating effective, extraordinary sponsor relationships. Best Practice Sponsorship...

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Google Street View Takes A Step Inside

View Larger Map Google is taking its own digital+live approach to brick-and-mortar businesses with the (somewhat vanilla-named) "Business Photos from Google." The idea is to bring its 360-degree Street View technology off the pavement and inside the walls so that...

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Find Out How Our Social Photography Platform Can Deliver Meaningful Results

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