FotoZap Camera

Turn any phone or pad into a tool for to capturing branded photos, videos, and GIFs, with built-in social marketing.

Event Photography with iPad

Features Designed for Brand Marketing

FotoZap Camera in the App Store


Collect consumer data in a variety of ways
Enable sharing by email, SMS, printing, custom surveys and Photo Access Cards
Control all branding touch points
Amplify and track social sharing

The FotoZap Camera App

A full featured app that allows staff members to capture photos, videos and GIFs and instantly delivery the branded image in a multitude of ways.

Collect Emails, Phone Numbers, or Surveys

To claim their photo, the guest provides their email address or mobile number, or require a full survey including fingertip signature release.

You can also print branded photos wirelessly, have the guest log into Facebook to share, and for high-volume events you can scan and hand the guest a Photo Access Card.

Outfit All of Your Teams

Let us supply a complete kit with a pre-configured iPad and all accessories, or use your existing iPads. Your staff can use our social photo system after just a few minutes of training, or you can hire our turn-key event photographers.

Simple Green Screen Photos and Videos

Green screen photography produces memorable images that get shared. Capturing green screen images with an iPad offers many creative options and can be used at any number of locations.

Customize It!

Go online and customize the photo capture and social sharing experience, or have our Design & Development team craft a custom photo experience for your brand.

Need something more? Our team can create a completely custom white label app to meet your brand objectives.

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