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Let us show you how our platform can solve your brand’s specific marketing objectives with:

  • A variety of photo capture solutions to create onsite engagement
  • Our data collection and reporting capabilities to generate leads
  • Our self-serve platform that allows you to run any number of promotions
  • A process optimized to create social sharing and traffic to your call-to-action


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An Enterprise Photo Activation Platform

Our image capture solutions can be tailored to the marketing objectives of your business

The Picture Marketing Platform

Capture Solutions

Choose from our suite of capture devices or combine multiple solutions in one activation

Photo Access Cards

For large or complex events, all capture solutions support Access Cards and registration/sharing kiosks


Data Capture

Securely collect the consumer data you need, across both onsite and online touchpoints

Image Processing

Transform the branding of photos, videos and GIFs with simple to complex special effects

Central Control

Control all aspects of your campaign: branding, photo booth UI, shipping of devices, etc.


Real-time view of photos and data captured, social shares, website activity, photographer activity, etc.

Customized Delivery

Customize image delivery: email, SMS, microsite, interactive photo apps, glossy prints and social

Custom Experience Flow

Create complex consumer experience flows. Integrate with a variety of external services via APIs

Public Sharing

Add public sharing to your campaign with a photo mosaic, social wall, contest, or Facebook Gallery

Request a Capabilities Overview

Request a 1-on-1 Capabilities Overview and we’ll show you the full range of solutions available, and relevant examples from your industry.

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