Capture Branded Images With Special Effects

Convert photos, GIFs, and videos into shareable stories with our image processing engine

Create Branded Videos

At a recent tennis event, we activated the sponsorship by shooting mini movies of each consumer. We shot green screen video and combined it with stock footage and a soundtrack to show them winning the tournament.

Our platform’s image processing engine can take automatically transform videos and animations into branded commercials by adding stock clips, effects, and a sound track.

Effects can get pretty wild:

Augmented Reality Face-Mapping Filters

Popularized by Snapchat, Augmented Reality (AR) filters map a custom mask to the consumer’s face and it stretches and moves as their head moves.

This is a unique way to transform the consumer’s image into a character from your movie, add a branded prop, or include a floating word balloon.

Capture Boomerangs or 3-Frame GIFs

Consumer’s love the looping boomerang-effect or posing for 3 photos which transform into an animated GIF.

Capture GIFs with photo booths, DSLRs, or iPads and then enhance with:

  • A branded overlay
  • Photo filters (sepia, black and white, etc.)
  • Add branded video clips before and after the consumer’s clip
  • Add a new soundtrack
  • Swap in an animated background

Green Screen and Fun Photos

Add unique backgrounds and overlays using our simple green screen system.

Use an actual green screen or use our latest technology that removes the background auto-magically without a backdrop.

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