Custom Reporting

The Picture Marketing Platform allows you to view and analyze the results from your activation, customized to your goals.

Custom Dashboards

Get an instant view of photo and video uploads; emails and surveys collected; web traffic; and social sharing metrics.

It is easy for you to customize the dashboard to suit your needs (or let us do it):

  • Set the time period you want to view
  • Add new charts with a single click
  • Drag and drop to rearrange charts
  • Adjust the details of individual charts and the chart style (pie, line, area, etc.)

Track Each Photo Booth and Mobile Device

Reporting can be shown for individual photo booths across your network.

This allows you to compare what is working across all your photo booths and you can see the health of your network at a glance.

Visual Reporting

View a real-time stream of photos as they are uploaded. Search and find photos with individual characteristics. Click any thumbnail to view details of a particular photo, such as a map of where the photo was taken. Download the different versions of the photo or video individually are as a group (via Dropbox).


CRM and email marketing services

Integrate with 3rd party services

Data and reporting information can be pushed and pulled from a variety of external services.

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