Fotozap Studio for Events

Capture special-effects videos or professional photos

Let us create a full green screen video studio, or a simple high-quality photo capture station.

Click to view the finished 'Canyon' video.  Each consumer was also sent a 'Moon' and 'Beach' scene.

Capture Crazy Video Effects

Capture a video clip of attendees and let our system transform the clip with Hollywood movie magic.

Capture consumers playing inside of  Virtual Reality game, or add effects to a captured video to create something truly extraordinary.

Click here for more on our Crazy Video Effects

Our Compact Event Photo Studio

Some events are all about the quality of the photo and the impression. Let us set up a full photo studio to capture keepsake photos of your guests.

Photos can be printed and handed to the guest in an attractive frame, or deliver the photo digitally.

Brand All Touch Points

Brand the user interface, the glossy print, and all online elements.

Onsite Printing

Photos can be printed and handed to the guest in an attractive frame, or deliver the photo digitally.

Events of Any Size

Order one or twenty Fotozap Studios for your event, depending on crowd size, event length and other requirements


Green Screen Photos

Place your guests into another scene, by capturing a green screen photo or video. Let guests choose in what scene they want to appear.

Photo Delivery Options

You decide how consumers can claim and share their photos and videos. All touch points are fully brandable.


SMS Text Message

Guests provide their mobile phone number and instantly receive a text message with their photo

Email Entry

Guests provide their email address and get a branded email with their photo

Photo Printing

Print beautiful photos for guests that include your branding with a connected high-speed photo printer


Custom Surveys

Guests can fill out a custom survey that can even include their signature for usage rights or a liability waiver

Facebook, etc.

Guests can share their photo to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. together with your branding

Photo Access Card

Scan a photo access card and hand it to the guest so they can view and share their photo online or at a sharing kiosk

Find Out How Our Social Photography Platform Can Deliver Meaningful Results

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