Introducing Fotozap Video Filters

Add some awesome to your next photo booth or event photography promotion.
Create special-effect videos for your brand that turn every guest experience into an instant, shareable story.

The video clip was processed with a variety of filters as well as a pre-roll intro and post-roll outro.

A branded example with Special Effects animated overlays, and zoom effect.

A complete video story made up of a long intro and outro combined with video shot onsite that was enhanced with an animated overlay. Another version had a video background of a crowd cheering inserted with green screen.

The onsite video clip was shot in a green screen room and then an animated background and overlay was added. In addition, an intro and outro was added to the clip. The CGI generated graphics makes everything fit together seamlessly.

Speed changes, both fast and slow, can be added to any segment of the captured video. This example also creates a 4 image print out on an attached printer. “4-Pose Fast and Slow”

A series of Special Effects added to a video synchronized to the music. Click here to see all Special Effects available. “Kaleidoscope 24”

Videos can include any combination of the following features

Let us propose a concept for your brand, or build using our online tools

  • Special Effects: Click image to see examples
  • Slow Motion: Speed up or slow down any segment of the captured video
  • Looping: Loop segments of the video backwards and forwards
  • Animated Overlays: Add multiple animated segments with advanced blending effects
  • Green Screen: Add individual frames or a video that plays in the background
  • Zoom Effects: Reposition the captured frame to create zoom effects and motion
  • Soundtrack: Add a soundtrack to the video that plays during capture
  • Post-Roll: Add pre-roll Intro and post-roll Outro clips to the finished video
  • Print Layouts: Grab frames from any time stamp to create custom print layouts
  • Auto Pause: Script pauses into the video capture to create multi-shot clips
  • On-Screen Guides: Add overlays that show on-screen during capture to align consumers

That’s a lot of stuff, we know. Chat with us and let us know your concept, and we will build to suit.

Special Effects: Over 100 variations to choose from.

Click to view videos showing the available Special Effects.

Take Control of Your Experiential Promotions

Our control panel gives you full control over your photo activations. From creative execution, to deployment, to sophisticated reporting, the Fotozap Platform puts you in charge.

Once your promotion is set up, you can deploy to any number of devices with a single click.

Want to get your hands dirty? Use the admin site to create your own video filters, watch this video to see how it works (or just let us do it for you!)

Give Video Filters a Try

To try them out for yourself, download Fotozap Booth to an iPad or iPhone and click Try Demo Filters.

You can also simply scan the QR Code to the left with your iOS device (recent model recommended).

Or contact us and we’ll set you up with a demo so you can see how easy and powerful it is to capture branded video filters at your retail location or events.

Video filters can accomplish everything from simple, branded photo-capture to creating scripted videos that place attendees into instant ‘commercials’ featuring your message.

Give it a try! Scan this QR code with your iOS device.

Find Out How Our Social Photography Platform Can Deliver Meaningful Results

Using the Platform for Long Term Installs [Webinar]

How to Use the Fotozap Platform for Long-Term or Large-Scale Activations

The 35 minute webinar is embedded in the video on the left.

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