Web Interactive

Allow consumers to transform their photo online, create a meme, and share it.

Virtual Green Screen

Capture a green screen image onsite and let consumers swap between different backgrounds online as well as make other changes. It’s fun for the consumers, gives them an extra reason to share, and earns valuable brand facetime as participants (and their viral buddies) use the interactive app online. Virtual Green Screen with online background changes allows users to insert themselves into various branded scenes.


Insert-a-Face is the high tech version of the classic “face in the hole” photo op display. Our technology allows consumers to integrate their faces into a selection of branded scenes or characters as they’re viewing their photos online. Participants can become the star of an album cover, the hero on a movie poster, the punch line of a humorous scene… or be featured in a brand advertisement.

Consumers Insert the Photo You Captured Into a Selection of Branded Scenes

Consumers Insert the Photo You Captured Into a Selection of Branded Scenes

Before and After Images

Capture two photos and allow consumers to combine them online to create a fun before-and-after image. Consumers can then select a slogan to customize the image.

Event Photography Collage

Before and After Image Created From Two Mud Race Photos Taken a Few Hours Apart

Web Interactive – Gallery of Examples

Here’s a gallery of some past consumer experiences. Click a thumbnail to enlarge.

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