6 Must-Have iPad App Features for Event Marketing

The right iPad applications can bring loads of utility to any event or shopper marketing effort. But it’s not always easy to pull together a good toolset of event-ready apps to do simple things like survey, collect data, or run a live contest.

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Shopper Marketing is the Rising Star of the Marketing World

Shopper Marketing is a rising star in the marketing world. All indications are that Shopper Marketing is on the fast-track to become the most sought after segment in the consumer packaged goods arena. Over 80% of retailers rank shopper marketing as the single most effective activity, in terms of ROI.*

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Halloween, we’re not over you yet.

Look out for it at next week’s Legendary Haunt Tour in Philly. We’ll be there sharpening our machetes and preaching the haunt gospel. Three new haunt marketing packages are gonna rock the scene.

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Find Out How Our Social Photography Platform Can Deliver Meaningful Results

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